I am a career performance tester with 4+ years of experience on diverse LoadRunner protocols like Web, Web Services, Citrix, SAPGUI, SAP Web, Oracle 2-tier, and even Flex. I also have a first-hand experience on monitoring tools like Opnet ACE and Opnet Panaroma and have also worked with network modeling tools like Shunra Network Modeler. My current interests lie in performance tuning of various servers as well as applying queuing theories to the existing systems for capacity planning purposes. Find me http://about.me/dishitd


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  1. Eric Blair on

    Hi Dishit,

    I am just following up on an e-mail I sent to you regarding submitting a guest post on your site “performancetestingzone.wordpress.com” on behalf of my client – a Leader in Cloud Testing and Software Performance Optimization.
    Your website seems to be relevant to our client’s software cloud testing services.

    I am interested in submitting a guest post (100% original article of approx. 400 words) on your site. In return, I have a network of blogs (ranging from PageRank 2 -3) that you can guest post on.

    OR… I am also open to paying a reasonable fee in order to post on
    your site – “performancetestingzone.wordpress.com”.

    Feel free to pass on any guidelines for guest posting that you may have,
    and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Many Thanks,

    Eric Blair
    (818) 907-6170 Main

    “We appreciate your time and business. By the way..if you know of anyone else who could benefit from our services, please don’t hesitate to let us know about them and we’ll look forward to treating them with the same level of quality service that we have provided to you.”

    • Dishit D on

      Hi Eric,

      I might have missed your earlier email. However, I am glad that you found my website relevant to your client.

      Regarding the guest blog, I am open to that idea and really welcome you. However, can you give me a brief introduction of your client before proceeding forward? The reason is I want to keep my website independent of any bias so that the regular readers get the correct perspective. O the same lines, the guest post should be as impartial as possible and should not have more than a link or two. At the end of the post, a reference to your client is fine with me.

      In return, I probably would go ahead with the option of writing guest blogs. Do send me the network of blogs that you manage so that I can get a look in.

      Let me know your thoughts on this and we can take this forward from here.

      Thanks, Dishit D +91 887-913-6668

  2. Sabrina on

    Dear Dishik,

    I am Sabrina and I handle digital marketing activities at Gallop Solutions.

    We found that you are open for posting guest blogs on “performancetestingzone.wordpress.com”.We have writers who have a near obsession with all matters on performance Testing and Staffing services, so you can expect well researched, quality and unique content that will gel with your Blog theme.

    To know little bit about us, Gallop is an US based Colocated Independent Testing Services & Specialist QA Staffing Services. Gallop constantly innovates and invests in R&D around software testing and contributes immensely to the software testing community by thought leadership blogs, articles and whitepapers.

    Let me know what you think. I’m excited to hear back from you!

    Many thanks,

    Sabrina Nisha
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Gallop Solutions

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